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YOGHBODY® Solid Alum Deodorant, 150g.

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YOGHBODY® Solid deodorant consists of 100% alum, a natural mineral that regulates perspiration. Its antibacterial properties limit the development of unpleasant odours without suppressing the normal physiological process of sweating. A healthy alternative to conventional deodorants, we offer it "naked," without packaging. Use a YOGH® pouch to store it when traveling or not in use.

  • Safe, simple, and effective natural deodorant that regulates sweating naturally.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Multifunctional: use as an aftershave or facial toner due to its tightening, astringent properties. It even stops bleeding from minor cuts.
    100% natural: without aluminum salts, parabens and fragrance.
    Hand cut and polished, each YOGH stone is a unique mineral crystal with slight variations in shape and appearance.
    Long Lasting: With daily use, it will last you about 3 years.
    • 100% natural: Safe, simple and effective natural deodorant for all skin types.
    • Multi-functional: Can be used post-rash or as a facial toner due to its tightening and astringent properties. It even stops bleeding from minor injuries.
    • Long lasting : with daily use it will last you at least 3 years.
    • Zero waste

    Moisten the surface of the stone slightly and apply it several times as you would apply deodorant. The alum stone works best when your pores are clean and open, for example, after a shower.

    Storage: This is a salt crystal that dissolves in moisture. Store in a dry place.

    INCI: Potassium Alum

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