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YOGH®: Efficiency and environmental friendliness in one

We are pioneers in a new, solid format of natural personal care without water, plastic packaging, and chemical waste. We offer first-to-market formulations with proven ingredients that deliver real results.

We create the most effective and long-lasting skincare and hair care products with the least impact on the environment. Our goal is to make it easier for people to change their daily habits by replacing their liquid hygiene products in plastic packaging with solid, zero-waste cosmetics, and to feel better in their skin from this choice.

We promise radiant skin and hair, pure pleasure from real natural scents, zero waste, and more space in the bathroom.

YOGH® comes from the English word yoghurt - a key ingredient in the range.

Naturalness, purity and play

The solid format is a return to the roots. It revives the ancient tradition of using real soap, based on naturalness, simplicity, purity, childhood, and play, the joy of touch and aroma.

YOGH® is a new way to interact with our senses.

Observing how the product changes over time, feeling its texture in our palm, and knowing what it contains without a chemistry degree makes us part of its use and storage. The natural aromas that essential oils impart to the products turn everyday care into a moment of enjoyment, a mini-spa experience.

YOGH® Zero-waste cosmetics


Skinimalism: Less is more

YOGH is a simple, uncomplicated skincare routine that prioritizes skin health over complex cosmetic regimens. Our approach involves fewer products with a minimalist but highly concentrated composition. In this way, we alleviate the stress and burden on the skin from numerous ingredients found in various products and reduce the risk of allergies and irritations.
Fewer ingredients, fewer packages, fewer products, less distraction. When we remove unnecessary layers, we better understand what our bodies need. And this is beneficial for both us and the environment.
And last but not least

Our method of production

The method of making is of paramount importance. Most manufacturers choose to "extrude" the soap and molds, meaning they are squeezed out like sausage machine. This rough process limits the types of ingredients that can be used and reduces the benefits of others.
We take pride in handcrafting each item. We use the cold process method for the soaps and our special extra-cold method for other products. This way, we preserve the maximum nutritional and therapeutic properties of the plant and essential oils, which are highly sensitive to high temperatures.
No ready-made formulas, soap bases, melt-and-pour, extrusion, etc.
This means we use the most nourishing, effective ingredients, and you enjoy their benefits.

YOGH®: clearly beneficial care for you and nature

100% biodegradable products

100% plastic free