Proud to be 100% natural, effective, water-free and plastic-free


We’re a Bulgarian brand for natural cosmetics that interprets “natural” and “ecological” in their purest, most radical sense, daring to break up the current boredom on the cosmetics market. Our mission is to revolutionise consumer habits through minimalist naturals, eliminating the need for numerous products, diluted with water and packaged in plastic. 
For us, natural skincare implies self-awareness, questioning the consumption model, and opting for a simpler life with low environmental impact and high personal satisfaction. The connections between physical and mental health, emotional balance and personal hygiene are our value and way of life.
    • NO OUTSOURCING, labs, ready base formulas and amateur experiments. 
    • NO GREENWASHING, misleading „natural“ labelling and marketing tactics. 
    • NO FILLERS, PETROLEUM DERIVATIVES, preservatives, phthalates, sulphates, silicones, GMOs, artificial perfumes and synthetic colorants.  
    • EXTRA-COLD CRAFTING to preserve the ingredients’ properties.
    • HANDMADE in our workshop in small batches for maximum freshness and effectiveness.

MINIMALISM is our creed - the antithesis of long, complicated, wasteful personal care regimens, stripping them back to the essentials. Too many ingredients on the skin can inhibit its ability to hydrate and restore itself. The numerous ingredients in one product interact with those in other products you use, increasing the risk of cross- allergenicity and vulnerability to skin irritations.
For us, this means that individual products need to accomplish more with less. 


„Natural“ doesn’t equal „safe“. However, we do believe that truly natural cosmetics are superior to the synthetic cocktails when choosing what we put on our skin. We approach cosmetics like food that our skin and body drink up. This is literally what happens when we adorn our largest, most vulnerable organ in our chosen products. We make conscious decisions at the grocery store, and do the same for our cleansing and bathing routine. 
Our proprietary formulas combine natural ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy in top-quality cosmetics that deliver on their promises without harming nature. We distilled the power of primary natural ingredients into minimalist, human cosmetics that are necessary, effective, ecological and emotionally captivating to use.
Our ingredients comprise only pure plant oils and plant-derived surfactants, botanicals, essential oils and yoghurt. Rich in minerals, vitamins, alpha-hydroxy acids and good fats, yoghurt boasts serious health and skin benefits – moisturising and naturally exfoliating. Bulgaria is the motherland of live yoghurt – the super food with active bacterial culture. Even the bacteria that turn milk into yoghurt bear their native country’s name: Lactobacillus bulgaricus


Anhydrous products are water-free. Most beauty products contain 70-80% water, with shampoos and wash gels ringing in close to 95%. Scan of the back of your product and see for yourself that water (aqua) is the first ingredient. This means that the product is diluted.
Water is the cheapest, most neutral ingredient added to any product without concerns over skin reactions. However, H2O promotes the growth of microorganisms, so preservatives must be present, raising questions, particularly within the clean beauty community, over potential negative impacts. Waterless enthusiasts also argue that water dries the skin, taking natural oils away as it evaporates.
    • No preservatives – YOGH products are naturally self-preserving. 
    • Highly concentrated - require less packaging and lighter applications of a product carry the same and better oomph than their conventional analogues. A little goes a long way. 
    • Effective, safe and good for you – conditioning for the hair and body without fly-aways, squeaky clean, dry and taut feel.
    • Easy to rinse off and require less water.
    • Fully biodegradable.
    • No need for plastic packaging.
    • Convenient for travel.
    • Economical – our products last up to 5 times longer than mainstream diluted equivalents.
Why is this relevant? Experts believe that 1.2 billion people currently lack access to clean drinking water. By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. Water conservation is a key issue for the planet.


Every year, 80 billion plastic bottles from shampoo, conditioner and shower gels are discarded globally. They travel to the recycling factories, from where they’re usually shipped to developing countries and abandoned or buried in landfills. The greatest polluters are nylon bags, plastic bottles and lip-balm tubes.  
    • Only 9% of the global plastic waste is recycled.
    • 8 billion tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans every year 
    • 9/10 fish have ingested micro-plastics according to global research
    • Forecasts indicate that until 2050 there will be more plastic waste than fish in our seas and oceans. 
Plastic disintegrates into micro-particles with time, but never decomposes.  So in several hundreds of years from now, a shampoo bottle will only look like it disappeared. In reality, it will have broken down into micro-plastics which are everywhere today, even in the deepest parts of the oceans. 
Help us change this destructive trend by using only the plastic that you absolutely need.