You never stop pushing limits - from extra hours at work to family chores and extra miles on the trail or treadmill. You deserve a bar that is just as enduring as you are. Give your bars the help they need with our 100% beech wood block to extend the life of your soap. Handcrafted in good old Bulgaria, this essential accessory is designed to keep your soap high and lifted to air-dry and last longer.

You may  have a soap dish already, but it is probably bowl-shaped and holds water. Those models are not suitable for your natural YOGHSOAP®. Good drainage extends the life of the bar. YOGHSOAP®'s natural soaps contain a lot of glycerin, which is great for your skin but can cause bars to become soft if not stored properly. YOGH’s soap dish helps quickly drain the water off the soap, keep it dry and extends its life.

  • Helps drain the water off the soap bar
  • Speeds up the air-drying of the soap
  • Extends its life cycle
  • Material: 100% Bulgarian beech wood, handcrafted by good Bulgarian hands
  • Finished with a bio waterproof sealant to protect the timber and prevent the bar from sticking
  • Dimensions: 10 х 7,5 х 3сm