Natural soap, extra cold-made with fresh full-fat yoghurt and plant oils. 

Delicately cleansing and hydrating thanks to the naturally high glycerine content. 

Cinnamon oil's balsamic, spicy aroma has a tonic, "pick-me-up" effect on the mind, warming the body and dispersing tension.

  • 100% natural, including its colour
  • Rich in natural, moisturising glycerine
  • 0% chemicals, synthetic fragrances, preservatives and artificial colours
  • Free of palm oil
  • Nо animal testing

Palm oil is the cheapest and most readily available ingredient for soap-making. But palm oil farming has led to the destruction of forests that sustain endangered species or caused environmental pollution. That's why we excluded it from our soaps.

INCI: Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Sunflowerate, Aqua/Yoghurt, Glycerin*, Parfum**, Montmorillonite, Limonene***, Eugenol***, Linalool***, Benzyl benzoate***, Citral***, Paprika extract

 *Naturally occurring in the soap

**Essential oils

***Component of essential oils

Best stored on a perforated soap-dish away from running water.

Avoid contact with the eyes.