Мaking real, all-natural soap demands more time, more labour and costlier ingredients.  We're OK with that because we have a different value set than just making profit. 

We see value in making a high-quality basic product only with natural ingredients because our body's worth it.

We also see value in the slow make. That guarantees the high glycerine content in the final product. And that's what sets craftsmanship apart from industrial, monotonous mass production. 


  • 100% natural with fresh, full-fat yoghurt for soft, smooth skin
  • Natural glycerine for its proven super-hydrating properties
  • 100% clean, natural fragrances from essential oils
  • 100% natural colour for fun and vibrancy
  • 100% professionally handmade and cut – no melt-and-pour, soap noodles or ready soap bases
  • 0% chemicals, hardeners, whiteners and foaming agents
  • 0% palm oil for environmental reasons
  • 0% artificial colorants and perfumes


  • Close to nature in our choice of unprocessed natural ingredients and a considerate method 
  • Common-sense personal care: efficacious, simple solutions for everyday body care 
  • Preserving the environment and people’s health with every action 
  • Minimalism: less products but more efficacious and multi-tasking for naturally healthy skin