The making of real natural soap requires more time and effort. We use superior ingredients that cost much more than palm and palm kernel oil.

Palm oil is the cheapest, most diffuse material for soap-making. 99% of the soaps on the market are made of it only.

That's not a problem for us because our values are different, and we're not after a quick profit.

We believe it's worth it to create an innovative, all-natural, high-quality product for people to enjoy at an affordable price because our body deserves them.

We believe in the responsible and legitimate use of the term "natural" in cosmetics. That means 100% natural, not one percent less.

We also believe that all-natural wins over a cocktail of synthetics. Think of this like food: what would you like your skin to soak up.

We believe that the time-consuming make is also worth it. Thanks to the "cold" method by hand that takes a whole month for the soap to mature, YOGHSOAP is bursting with glycerine.

Combined with yoghurt's good fats, you've got the most hydrating bar you can get.

And that differentiates us from the mass, serial, industrial producers. That's what makes us craftsmen.


  • 100% natural with fresh, full-fat yoghurt for soft, smooth skin
  • Natural glycerine for its proven super-hydrating properties
  • 100% clean, natural fragrances from essential oils
  • 100% natural colour for fun and vibrancy
  • 100% professionally handmade and cut – no melt-and-pour, soap noodles or ready soap bases
  • 0% chemicals, hardeners, whiteners and foaming agents
  • 0% palm oil for environmental reasons
  • 0% artificial colorants and perfumes


  • Close to nature in our choice of unprocessed natural ingredients and a considerate method 
  • Common-sense personal care: efficacious, simple solutions for everyday body care 
  • Preserving the environment and people’s health with every action 
  • Minimalism: less products but more efficacious and multi-tasking for naturally healthy skin