YOGHSOAP® is a Bulgarian bath and body-care brand, passionate about simplifying everyday personal care routine with just a few multi-tasking products using higher concentrations of fewer ingredients, found naturally in nature and healthy foods.

We founded YOGHSOAP® because we couldn’t find a bath and body-care brand that was 100% natural, effective and fun as product range, ingredients and concept. One that helps people solve their dry skin and irritation issues with fewer top-quality products at an affordable price.

We are also angry about the abuse of the term “natural” and “organic” by most mainstream brands who are shifting their focus to those categories not because they believe in them, but because of consumer demand. And they are misleading consumers in the process.

We hand-make our products ethically, locally, without outsourcing, soap noodles, melt-and-pour bases and other generics.

We are a self-financed family start-up. Our clients are our sole investors, our toughest critics, and our greatest cheerleaders.


To simplify and redefine clean, effective 100% natural, bath and body-care, and inspire people to make more informed, responsible personal care choices to make their natural unique beauty shine and protect the environment.



We value minimalism and simplicity: from the number of ingredients in our products to the number of products in our personal care regime, to how we communicate with each other and the world.


We feel close to nature so preserving the environment and people’s health guides every action we do.


From the health of our skin, to what we eat and how we live our lives, we believe in optimal health leading to inspiring ideas, good relationships, and wellbeing.


Purpose is inspirational. Why we do what we do, why our team chooses to work here, and why our customers buy our products, are at the heart of what we do.


Kindness to our skin but also to others, animals and nature, as kindness is free and it feels good to practise it.