No more post-shower dry skin, flakiness or tight feeling (and boring showers).
YOGHSOAP® is 100% natural soap with fresh yoghurt. Healthy, hydrated skin and zero synthetic components in your personal care.


You crave clean and hydrated skin without the usual synthetic cocktail in plastic? You love yoghurt and the real smell of nature?  Why settle for industrial detergents when you could be washing and hydrating your skin with YOGHSOAP® like a sophisticate?

Gone are the days of your grandma’s wartime soap with pig fat boiled to death, of processed industrial stuff and fake “natural” imitations. One dramatic makeover and many lashings of yoghurt later, our gorgeous soap is unlike anything you (or your grandma) have ever washed with before.

Mixed by hand, these all-natural soaps pack fresh yoghurt, high-quality plant oils, and unique essential oil bouquets to suit each individual need and nose.

So turn your boring old shower into an exhilarating kaleidoscope!

Here's what happens when you give these babies a dunk.

Imagine taking a shower, rich in moisturising yoghurt and oils. The scent of your favourite plant luxuriates in the steam around you. You are basting in hydrating lather and fragrant softness - leaving your skin conditioned and glowing. Bliss...

Made with edible ingredients, YOGHSOAP® looks and smells stunning, but we can’t guarantee it’ll taste amazing. Please, try to resist biting off a piece of your bar.



  • Fresh yoghurt

    The good fats in fresh, full-fat yoghurt tangibly hydrate and soften the skin.

  • 100% natural

    No kidding – free of preservatives, EDTA, sulfates, phthalates, hardeners, foaming agents, synthetic colorants and artificial fragrance.

  • Handmade

    Stirred, cut, stamped and packaged by hand in Bulgaria. Cured for 4 weeks for velvety mildness.